About Us

Andrea Arel

Andrea Arel is a licensed massage therapist since 1998. She became a certified Interactive metronome provider in 2013 after being a patient of Interactive metronome. Andrea had a few concussions from 2009 - 2011. She lost words, short term memory, her desire to interact with others and had a terrible head pain every day for almost 2 years. Interactive Metronome was suggested for her best recovery. She did 18 sessions and got her life back. That's when she decided to assist others in doing the same. She has impleted IM in an after school program for students with learning disabilities,  assisted many concussion patients back to a normal life, and worked with a Traumatic brain injury patient and many others with cognitive issues.  

The price

Your first accessment is free. 

Each session is $75

12-16 sessions is usually what it takes depending on condition of the client. At least  3 one hour sessions a week is required.