The Neuro Gym and Great Golfing

Timing is a big part of great golfing. 

Athletic Training

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How IM can improve your game

To put it simply: Once you improve your timing everything else improves.   Neurotiming is a skill that can be improved and that means improvement in daily life. Synchronizing the communication between brain and body has been shown to improve everything from working memory to balance and coordination. 


IM helps shave strokes off Dennis’ game


Dennis’ Golf Swing No Longer a Menace

Dennis wasn’t experiencing debilitating impairments, but wanted to improve his ability to multitask, his mental efficiency, and hopefully his golf game. One particular area of his golf game that he hoped to improve was his shot distance. He came into the Language Learning Center for Interactive Metronome® training to help accomplish his goals.

Before training, Dennis stated that he spent about an hour practicing before he played a round of golf. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the extra practice, but he was more concerned that he felt like he needed to retrain his muscles every time he wanted to play. This was very frustrating for Dennis who routinely shot in the 80’s before IM training.

Dennis was extremely motivated to train and strived for perfection at each IM session. He came in for training 3 days a week for 5 weeks. Although the benefits were clear from the first session, when Dennis finished training he said that his golf game improved drastically. He no longer needed to practice before every round because he noticed increased muscle memory. Best of all, he shaved strokes off of his score; Dennis is now a scratch golfer, always keeping his rounds in the 70’s.

He wasn’t shy about what helped him succeed either. Where others may like having a secret advantage, Dennis just couldn’t stop telling his friends what Interactive Metronome® training did for his golf game. Additionally, when he is not on the course, Dennis says his ability to multitask has improved and he feels like his brain is more efficient. He says that he is overwhelmingly pleased with his training and credits IM for helping him dominate the links. 

In a Nutshell

Detailed Information

Detailed Information


Interactive Metronome produces sensory motor syncrynionization that impacts cognitive processing, behavior and motor skills associated with sports.

Detailed Information

Detailed Information

Detailed Information




IM® training  facilitates the athlete’s ability to:

—  focus, tune out internal/external distractions & stay in the “zone”

—  control emotions

—  control impulses

—  integrate the distinct technical aspects of sport into seamless, automatic execution without “trying”.

When an athlete first learns an action, skill acquisition is a labored, conscious effort that requires use of most if not all of his  cognitive resources.  He has to think of every small detail. With frequent practice, the behavior becomes more automatic and unconscious). Once automaticity is achieved, minimal attentional resources must then be devoted to the task, resulting in faster processing and more efficient  performance.

“The precise, real-time IM millisecond feedback impacts the temporal processing resolution of the internal brain clock, which in turn improves neural efficiency—and thus, more efficient temporal and information processing in the brain.”

“IM’s effect on cognitive & motor skills [and ability to achieve automaticity that generalizes to sports performance]  appears to be the result of increased efficiency and synchronization of communication between the primary brain structures that comprise the functional brain networks involved in performing both the cognitive and motor demands of IM training.” 

Athletes using IM

Detailed Information

Athletes using IM



PGA, NBA, NFL, and NHL teams: 

 Miami Dolphins...Vijay Smith...Glen Day...University of North Carolina...Syracuse University...University of Miami...University of Notre Dame...Florida Panthers


There are others that use it but do not disclose their use of it as it gives them an advantage and they don’t want to share their trade secrets for training and peak performance!!